We understand that there may be circumstances that affect your ability to pay for college that may not be apparent on your financial aid application.

Perhaps your or your family’s income has changed since the application was filed. Or, you may have educational expenses that weren't included in your financial aid budget. Consider submitting an appeal. This will allow our Financial Aid Office to evaluate the impact of your special circumstances on your eligibility for financial aid.

Changes that Affect Your Student Aid Index (SAI)

Financial aid professionals have the authority to re-evaluate student eligibility in the presence of special circumstances that are fully documented. The request for a Projected Year Income Appeal falls under federal regulations related to professional judgment (PJ), which is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Appeals leading to a reduction in your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) or Student Aid Index (SAI) may result in an increase in need-based aid.

Use the Projected Year Income Petition form (on the Forms and Publications Page) to submit an appeal based on one or more of the eligible circumstances described below. Please review the instructions carefully and ensure all supporting documentation is submitted, as incomplete appeals will not be considered. 

The Petition to use Projected Year Income form can be submitted if you expect your 2024 calendar year income or July 2024-June 2025 income to be significantly less than your 2022 calendar year income.

Your petition must include the following supporting documentation:

  1. A signed letter that explains your special circumstance(s).
  2. A signed copy of your 2022 1040 Federal Tax Return.
  3. All 2022 W-2 form(s).
  4. A letter from your employer(s) verifying termination or decrease in hours, stating what month it will begin or began, and indicating your salary or hourly rate.
  5. Copy of your most recent paycheck statement.

Other circumstances that qualify for a re-evaluation of income are:

  • Legal Separation, Divorce, or Separation and the separation occurred AFTER filing the FAFSA/DREAM Act application
  • Death of a Parent (dependent students only) or Spouse
  • One-time non-recurring lump sum payment received
  • Out-of-pocket medical expenses 

Appeals to Increase the Cost of Attendance

You can request an increase to your financial aid budget and receive financial aid to cover the allowable expenses outlined below. To do so, you can submit a Budget Increase Request and/or a Housing Adjustment Form. Expenses must be incurred by and for the student during the period in which they are enrolled. 

Please see the allowable expenses listed below and carefully review the instructions and documentation necessary for submission. Prior to uploading, ensure that all expenses are itemized, and relevant items on supporting documentation/receipts are circled. If a budget increase is approved, the increase will be funded with additional loans.

Parenting students are eligible to add the out-of-pocket cost for childcare expenses. Expenses may be split between a two-parent household. Private school tuition is not covered.


Submit a personalized contract or a letter from your childcare provider describing the services offered and their costs. Also, please provide proof of payment (such as cleared checks, money orders or copies of receipts) for at least two consecutive months.

Expenses incurred and paid out of pocket (not covered by insurance) for the student during the enrollment period will be considered.

Estimates of procedures will not be accepted. Additionally, cosmetic surgery or procedures such as braces will not be covered. *Some procedures may require an explanation from a physician indicating that the procedure is required.


Multiple transactions require an itemized statement by date and amount paid. Proof of payment, such as copies of receipts, credit card statements, or cleared bank checks, are required (front and back copy).

Expenses incurred for special projects must be part of your required coursework. Our office will ensure that no duplication of standard budget components exists at the time of review and may follow up for receipts to verify expenses incurred before awarding additional aid eligibility.


Submit an itemized budget, signed by a professor /advisor on department letterhead, that lists individual expenses and verifies that those expenses are reasonable and necessary AND not paid for directly by your department.

This expense will be allowed only once during a student's enrollment per degree at UCLA. Computer and computer-related expenses include one computer (desktop, laptop, or tablet), insurance, and basic software such as Microsoft Office. A maximum of $2000 can be considered.


Submit a copy of a receipt verifying proof of purchase for the computer. The receipt must be in students' names, or credit cards may be used to verify purchases. If purchased by a parent, you will need to provide a statement from the parent indicating aid will be used to reimburse them for the cost of the computer.

Intended to help cover the cost of travel for family visits such as holidays or family emergencies. We can consider up to four roundtrip travel expenses, such as airfare, bus, train, and car rental.

  • Airfare should be purchased in advance and economy seating.
  • Rideshare to and from campus are not included


Receipts must be provided showing your name, price paid, and travel date. (Purchase and travel must be within your enrollment period)

If your actual rent/mortgage expenses exceed our monthly standard below, we can increase your attendance cost by the difference over your academic year enrollment period.

  • UG- On-Campus monthly standard $1,802
  • UG- Off-Campus monthly standard $1,223
  • Graduate monthly standard $1516

*This is a separate process. Please submit our Housing Adjustment form to increase your cost of attendance or make changes to your housing status for the academic year.

Appeal Form(s)

2023-24 Budget Increase Request Form2023-24 Housing Adjustment Form

Please Note: Forms for the upcoming academic year (2024-25) are not yet available due to delays caused by the FAFSA Simplification Act.