Receiving a financial aid package can help reduce your nursing school costs.

When you’re admitted to the UCLA School of Nursing, you and your family might have a lot of questions about how you will cover the costs of tuition, housing and other necessities. Our office is dedicated to helping each family create a strategy that works for them. Thanks to the numerous options available, your education is affordable.


Apply for Financial Aid

Before you do anything else, fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the DREAM Act Application. Make sure you complete the application before the UCLA priority deadline of March 2. These applications become available on October 1 each year and they provide access to federal- and state-based financial aid programs for all eligible students.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)California DREAM Act Application

Which Financial Aid Application is Right for You?

If you are a US Citizen or Permanent Resident, you will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for financial aid. Applications are available online at starting October 1st each year and must be completed by the March 2nd priority filing deadline in order to receive optimum consideration for limited financial aid resources.

Before attempting to complete the FAFSA, you will need to create an FSA ID and password. The FSA ID and password will allow you to sign your application electronically, and if you are a continuing applicant, access to your FAFSA Renewal on the web. We recommend that you file your FAFSA electronically and use the IRS data retrieval process to complete your tax information.

In order to receive financial aid, you must be a citizen or eligible non-citizen, have a valid social security number, be registered with the Selective Service (if required), be enrolled at least half-time in an eligible program, not be in default nor owe an overpayment of any federal funds, have earned a high school diploma or the recognized equivalent, and make satisfactory academic progress. 

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

The California DREAM Act allows students (including those who are undocumented) attending UCLA, who are not citizens or permanent residents and who are exempt from paying nonresident fees under AB540 to be eligible to receive scholarships and/or university funds.

In order to be eligible for financial aid or scholarships, students must complete the California DREAM Application This application should be completed only by students who are ineligible to complete a FAFSA. Students are also encouraged to seek out private scholarships or loans, since funding is limited. 

Find more information about your eligibility at the DREAM Act Application Guide on our Publications page. More guidance at California Student Aid Commission.

California DREAM Act

Since the University cannot assume financial responsibility for its students, U.S. government regulations require that the University be satisfied that entering international students have sufficient funds to meet all expenses while at UCLA. To meet this requirement, all international applicants must complete and return the Confidential Financial Statement. Be advised that all fees and expenses are subject to change; it is best to plan to have additional funding well beyond the minimum.

Unless you have been officially notified in writing of an award from the department or the Graduate Division, you should not expect any financial support from UCLA. Teaching and research assistantships, fellowships and stipends, as well as tuition fellowships, are not guaranteed for the full academic year or for subsequent years of study, unless stated in writing.

For more information, please contact the Dashew Center for International Students and Scholars.

Information for New Students

After submitting your financial aid application, please provide your Social Security Number (SSN) or Taxpayer ID number to facilitate the import of your data. This can be done through MyUCLA by selecting "Social Security/Taxpayer ID" from the Notices drop-down menu.

Significant Changes Coming to the FAFSA in 2024-25

With the implementation of the FAFSA Simplification Act, the FAFSA and CA DREAM Act have undergone significant improvements, becoming simpler and shorter with fewer questions to navigate. Due to these significant changes, the opening date for the 2024-25 FAFSA has been delayed from October 1 to December 2023. The CA Dream Act is expected to open in January 2024.


Apply for Scholarships

The School of Nursing offers various scholarships and fellowships for Nursing students. These awards consider factors such as financial need, academic excellence, background, or specific interests. To qualify for internal scholarships offered by the School of Nursing, you must complete a financial aid application, such as the FAFSA or DREAM Act Application, along with a scholarship application. Additionally, explore external opportunities in your community or visit our External Scholarships page to broaden your search.

The Financial Aid and Scholarships Undergraduate Scholarships Application is open year-round. Priority consideration is given to students who submit their applications by JUNE 30 each year. Students should log in to the Scholarship Portal and complete a profile to be considered for scholarship opportunities.

PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: Applicants for admission to UCLA may apply via the Prospective Undergraduate Scholarship Portal for scholarships that are awarded during the admission cycle for the upcoming Fall quarter. 

Prospective Student Scholarship Application

CONTINUING STUDENTS: Scholarships awarded to undergraduate students require that you apply through our scholarship portal each year.

Registered Student Scholarship Application


  • Must submit a FAFSA or Dream Act application by the March 2 priority deadline EVERY YEAR to be considered for need-based scholarships.
  • Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress in order to continue to receive scholarships.

The Graduate Scholarship application will be shared with entering and continuing students in the Spring.



Learn about Student Loans

Students who submit a FAFSA or DREAM Act Application will automatically be considered for student loans. Notification of loan eligibility will be provided through the Financial Aid Notification (FAN) on MyUCLA. It is essential to accept loans via the FAN, and disbursement will occur only after completing all requirements. First-time Federal loan borrowers must additionally fulfill a Master Promissory Note and Loan Entrance Counseling on DREAM Loan borrowers are required to complete online documents through the UCLA Student Loan Services website (instructions are sent via email after loan acceptance). You are not obligated to accept the full loan amount offered. Enrollment in at least half-time status is necessary for loan disbursement.

Review the Loan Guide on the Forms & Publications and our Types of Financial Aid page for information on the different loans available to help fund your Nursing education. If utilizing Direct Loans, be sure to complete all borrower requirements, including Loan Counseling and a Master Promissory Note, on


Attending Summer

At UCLA, the summer is the first (“header”) term of the upcoming Academic year, which means we use upcoming year's FAFSA to determine financial aid eligibility for Summer Sessions. If you plan to take summer courses at UCLA, a supplemental Summer Aid application is required in addition to the FAFSA. Summer Aid Program Applications are available on MyUCLA and typically open up in April. There is more helpful information on the Summer Sessions site at

UCLA Summer Sessions


Federal Methodology

Financial need is determined by evaluating the student’s ability to pay for the cost of education. The process of determining your eligibility for financial aid, commonly referred to as “need analysis,” has been established by federal legislation with reliance on information contained in your financial aid application. If the need analysis shows that the cost of education exceeds the amount you and your family can contribute, you will qualify for need-based aid.

Need Analysis Formula

(Cost of Attendance) – (Expected Family Contribution) = Financial Aid Eligibility


Cost of Attendance

The School of Nursing Financial Aid Office uses a standardized set of budgets to determine the cost of education. The budgets vary based on your living arrangements while in school (i.e., living with family vs. living off-campus). In addition to room and board, each budget also includes registration fees, books and supplies, transportation, and personal expenses.

Please note: The amount of financial aid that students receive cannot exceed the cost of education according to guidelines and regulations established by the federal government and administered through the central UCLA Financial Aid Office.

Learn more about the Cost of Attendance


Expected Family Contribution

The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is an index number used to determine your eligibility for student financial aid. This number results from the information you provide in your financial aid application. The EFC is calculated according to a formula established by law and considers your family’s taxed and untaxed income, assets, and benefits (such as, unemployment or Social Security). Schools use the EFC to determine your federal aid eligibility and financial aid award.