Visitors from Far Eastern university posing for a photo with UCLA Nursing faculty and staff

In a world driven by technological advancements and evolving educational methodologies, universities are constantly looking for new ways to enhance student learning and outcomes. Recently, representatives from Far Eastern University (FEU), located in Manilla, Philippines, visited the UCLA School of Nursing to tour its Skills & Simulation Lab in an effort to glean best practices and ideas for FEU. 

“This visit was a wonderful opportunity to deepen our relationship with FEU and share some knowledge and approaches for how to improve the simulation experience for their 4,000 nursing students,” said Dr. Emma Cuenca, Adjunct Assistant Professor & Program Director for UCLA Nursing’s prelicensure programs, who organized the visit. “At UCLA Nursing, we’re fortunate to have some incredible simulation experts, so, if we can help others improve it only benefits health care and nursing worldwide.”

Far Eastern University officials touring the UCLA Simulation Lab
Dr. John Yason, PhD, Dean of Health Sciences & Nursing at FEU (center) speaking with UCLA Nursing Simulation Lab staff.

Dr. John Yason, PhD, Dean of Health Sciences & Nursing at FEU, Celmer Santos, PhD(c), MBA, Director of Alumni Relations at FEU, and Carmelita Rafols, BSN, RN, FEU Alumni Foundation Advisor, toured the Factor Building and met with faculty members and administrators, including Dean Lin Zhan and Associate Dean Lauren Clark

The group also heard from UCLA Nursing’s Director of Skills & Simulation, Jihan Ceyhan, MSN, RN, AGPCNP-BC, HNP, before touring the lab. Ceyhan, along with Simulation Operations Specialist Thomas Phillips, EMT, provided the group with a detailed overview of UCLA Nursing’s simulation program and the methodologies they use to ensure competency among students. 

The FEU team plans to take much of what they gleaned from their visit back to the Philippines to improve their simulation program.