A graphic with photos of Holli Devon, Mary Rezk-Hanna and Nancy Pike.

Three UCLA Nursing faculty members are coauthors on important recent Scientific Statements from the American Heart Association (AHA). 

Drs. Holli DeVon, Nancy Pike, and Mary Rezk-Hanna, served as co-authors on several 2022 AHA Scientific Statements and the 2022 Heart Disease & Stroke Statistical Update. These statements, published regularly by AHA, include a review of the best available evidence on specific subjects, according to the organization. 

“These scientific statements help advance research forward and lead to better outcomes for patients around the world,” said DeVon, UCLA Nursing’s Associate Dean for Research and a co-author on a recent statement. “For our faculty, these publications reaffirm our roles as subject-matter and thought experts helping shape medical practice and raising public awareness.” Co-authors are nominated by AHA Council Chairs based on their recognized expertise in the topic.

Learn more about each of the scientific statements below: 

Dr. Nancy Pike
AHA Scientific Statement

Dr. Holli DeVon
AHA Scientific Statement

Dr. Mary Rezk-Hanna
AHA Statistical Update