Members of the DNP Alumni Council posing for a photograph

The UCLA School of Nursing's Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Alumni Council  held its first social networking event on April 6, 2024.

The event was a great success, and many of the attendees enjoyed not only the event itself, but also Dr. Theresa Brown’s M&M casserole! The DNP Alumni Council was created to foster the growth and development of current UCLA DNP students, and all UCLA DNP graduates. Approximately 35 people attended the event including faculty, staff, students, and past alumni. Dean Lin Zhan spoke to the guests about the importance of alumni involvement with the School of Nursing to help ensure the continued success of the DNP program. Additionally, guest speaker and class of 2020 alumna, Dr. Cheryl Le Huquet, spoke on the importance of continued community involvement and alumni relations, especially the alumni’s role in driving the DNP profession forward in the nursing workforce and health care landscape.

“The networking event was the council’s first social event,” said the president of the council, Akila Aisner (DNP class of 2022 alumnus). “It was extremely successful and there was a good representation of students, faculty, staff and of course alumni. Attendees seemed to really enjoy getting to know one other, and the board is extremely happy with the success of their first event. Moving forward I hope to see even more attendees at these events to start developing a solid network of DNP professionals.”

Looking toward the future, the DNP Alumni Council will continue to provide professional development, networking, and mentorship opportunities to both students and graduates. Scholarship fundraising will be another major focus of the council moving forward. The DNP Alumni Council are preparing to host more events and DNP program alumni, students, and supporters will have multiple opportunities for continued involvement.

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