The UCLA School of Nursing admits new undergraduate students once each year at the freshman level and a limited number of transfer students at the junior level. The School requires completion of a supplemental application to allow potential students the opportunity to provide additional information about their preparation for entry into the nursing profession.

Freshman Applicants

Freshman applicants must satisfy the general freshman admission requirements of the University of California and provide the information requested on the School of Nursing Supplemental Application for Freshman Admission.

Transfer Applicants

Transfer applicants must have completed all IGETC requirements or all general education requirements at the school where currently or previously enrolled and the equivalent of all of the non-nursing preparation for the major courses as follows:

  • Chemistry 20A, B & 30A (General Inorganic, Inorganic and Organic & Organic)
  • Communications 1 or 10* (Introductory Communication)
  • Life Sciences 7A & 7C (Cell and Molecular Biology & Physiology and Human Biology)
  • Math 3A or 31A* (Calculus)
  • Microbiology* (General Microbiology)
  • Physiological Science 3 & 13 (Human Anatomy & Human Physiology)
  • Psychology 10* (Introductory Psychology)

*May be completed at UCLA

Applicants with Military Experience

UCLA School of Nursing will accept qualified student applicants who have completed relevant military education and experiences, have met the University admission requirements, and who present documented equivalency courses. Once admitted, such individuals are eligible for credit by challenge examination. For additional details, read the full policy here. For more information, contact Mark Covin, Director of Recruitment, Outreach & Admissions for further information.

LVN 45 Unit Option

Licensed Vocational Nurses interested in completion of the UCLA 45-unit option must formally request to follow this option. It does not lead to conferral of a Bachelor of Science degree at UCLA. Interested students are required to meet with the Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs.