A graphic showing the UCLA Nursing leadership updates featuring Dr. Dong Sung An, Dr. Barbara Bates-Jensen, and Dr. Nalo Hamilton

Dear UCLA Nursing Community,
First, let me thank each and every one of you – faculty and staff – for engaging in an internal search process for associate deans and for providing your input from nomination to recommendation. Following my interview with each candidate, I presented my decision to EVCP Hunt and VC APO Levine. With their final approval, I am pleased to announce our new Associate Deans of Research and Innovation, Academic Affairs, and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Dr. Dong Sung An

Dr. Dong Sung An is appointed as Associate Dean of Research and Innovation. Dr. An has been with UCLA for more than 25 years and previously worked in the David Geffen School of Medicine before joining our School of Nursing in 2010. A prolific researcher/scientist in the field of genetics, Dr. An continues to study HIV with the goal of developing genetic resistance to the virus. Along with his field of research, Dr. An has also served on various high-impact committees across SON and the university, as well as working as a journal reviewer for many premier publications. Over his career, Dr. An has been part of research teams that have received more than $25M in extramural funding and is one of the highest funded researchers in the School. In the School of Nursing, Dr. An has taught courses of pathophysiology for advanced practice nurses, pathophysiology for MECN students, nursing science seminar, and tertiary care and prevention gerontology II, as well as served as a chair or member for PhD dissertation committees. Dr. An noted, “… my vision for the Associate Dean of Research and Innovation is to support faculty members scholarly work with trust by ensuring best practices in the oversight and management of funded research projects and by leading new initiatives to enhance the research and career development of our faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and students.”

Dr. Barbara Bates-Jensen

Dr. Barbara Bates-Jensen (Dr. BBJ) is appointed as Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. With more than 20 years of experience at UCLA, Dr. BBJ continues to work collaboratively across our Schools of Nursing and Medicine. As a former Prelicensure Program Director and current Associate Director of the Anna and Harry Borun Center for Gerontological Research, Dr. BBJ has keen insight into academic affairs and has taught nursing courses from prelicensure to doctoral programs. As a nurse scientist, she continues to be engaged in NIH R01 funded clinical research that highlights wound care best practices and focuses on eliminating the disparities that exist in detection of skin and tissue damage among persons of color. Dr. BBJ’s vision as the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs is to “be a catalyst for excellence in the School of Nursing by creating a culture of openness, transparency, and inclusive communication where all students, staff, and faculty voices are heard, along with actively engaged teamwork and collaboration that empowers faculty to thrive in their roles as educators and mentors for nursing professionals.”

Dr. Nalo Hamilton

Dr. Nalo Hamilton is appointed as Associate Dean for Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion. Dr. Hamilton joined UCLA in 2010, As a board certified nurse practitioner, she has primarily taught in the APRN program and provided extensive service for school of nursing, UCLA, and the community. As a researcher, she is investigating the regulatory effects of insulin-like growth factor-II signaling pathways on triple-negative breast cancer. Her unique background in biochemistry and molecular biology paired with her clinical expertise as a nurse practitioner positions her to investigate questions related to women's health and health disparities in breast cancer. Dr. Hamilton is committed to upholding equity, diversity, and inclusivity, and working collaboratively to foster a respectful, civil, and supportive environment within our School and the greater community. Dr. Hamilton noted, “I serve as a facilitator for the equity, diversity, and inclusion of all students, staff, and faculty. The UCLA School of Nursing as a place where equity, diversity, and inclusion means providing opportunity and access for all people. We foster a culture where everyone in our community is valued, supported, and empowered to achieve their highest personal and professional goals.”

I look forward to working with the new leadership team, all faculty, staff, students, and community partners. Nurses are leaders and problem solvers.  I know that coming together – to reset and rebuild trust - we will be able to shepherd in a new era for the UCLA School of Nursing and to continue our legacy of innovation, leadership, and excellence.

With Bruin Pride, 
Lin Zhan
Dean & Professor