UCLA NAPNAP student ambassador Julia

As the UCLA Nursing student ambassador for the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP), Julia Srivastava hopes to use her role to get more students involved in the organization. Whether it’s through coursework, professional networking, or community outreach opportunities, Srivastava says there’s much to take advantage of. 

Below are her Top 3 reasons why she joined NAPNAP

  1. I plan on utilizing both the PNP-PC Certification Exam Review Course and the PNP-AC Certification Review Course offered online via NAPNAP. Budget played a big role in my decision, so I am going to break it down. The total cost of membership is $115 for students, which is a discounted price compared to the cost for non-students. The cost of each review course is normally $200 but is $175 because I am a member. So, that’s $50 savings to go towards my membership. There is also a plethora of continuing education courses available offered at a discount or totally free. https://ce.napnap.org/ So, when I finish all 13 courses that are free for members, in addition to the certification review courses, the membership will have paid for itself. 
  2. As a student who is emerging into a new role, it is important to have members of a community of support who understand what I am going through. As a student ambassador, I have already been introduced to other students from other Pediatric Nurse Practitioner programs across the country as well as current members of NAPNAP. I love that I have a group of people around the country that share similar interests to me. I also know that I could reach out to any of these people with questions and/or to share experiences.
  3. This is honestly the part that I am most excited about. I plan on attending the NAPNAP Conference on Pediatric Health Care in March 2023 to both learn about what’s new in pediatrics and meet other pediatric nurse practitioners who have similar interests to me. So, since I am planning on attending the conference (and have already registered), the cost of the student membership has more than paid for itself. I am so excited to attend this conference, learn new things, and meet people from across the country interested in promoting pediatric health care from the nurse practitioner perspective.

To learn more about what NAPNAP has to offer, visit their website. You can also reach out to Julia Srivastava, julianordstrom@ucla.edu, with any questions.