Dr. Nancy Jo Bush speaking at the DNP Scholarly Projects event

The 2nd annual DNP Scholarly Projects Presentations Day took place on Saturday, June 1, 2024 at the UCLA School of Nursing. The graduating DNP students proudly presented their extraordinary DNP Scholarly Projects to their friends, family, and colleagues. The annual DNP Project Presentation Day is a celebratory yet scholarly event. The day celebrates two years of hard work in the development, application, and evaluation of a clinical project that translates research evidence into a formidable practice change.

The DNP Scholarly Project may take the form of quality improvement, evidence-based practice, program evaluation, or policy analysis. Projects focus upon bringing about practice change to improve patient, staff, or system outcomes. Project sustainability is the gold star of the practice change and students take great pride in the realization that their project has contributed to an improvement in healthcare delivery. The clinical project is a scholarly endeavor that demonstrates the professional maturation of the DNP-prepared advanced practice registered nurse as a leader in healthcare and as a vital member of the interdisciplinary team.

“For DNP Faculty and the committee members of the projects, Presentation Day is truly a day to celebrate the dedication and accomplishments of the DNP students,” shared DNP Program Director, Dr. Nancy Jo Bush. “Next to graduation day itself, this event is a mark of passage for each student in becoming a Doctor of Nursing Practice. The day represents a new beginning for each student as a leader and change agent bringing to the table advanced skills to make positive impact across patient care and systems. As DNP Program Director, the day symbolizes for me how the DNP degree can heighten the professionalism of nursing practice.”

Theresa Brown and Cristina Craigo pictured together
Christina Craigo (left) with DNP Assistant Program Director, Dr. Theresa Brown (right)

“DNP nurses play a vital role in advancing healthcare through their clinical expertise, leadership abilities, commitment to evidence-based practice, collaborative approach to care, and innovative solutions to healthcare challenges,” shared Assistant DNP Program Director, Dr. Theresa Brown. “Disseminating their extraordinary work is essential for recognizing their contributions, inspiring future generations of nurses, advocating for their role in healthcare, and fostering collaboration and knowledge within the nursing community and beyond.”

Graduating student, Christina Craigo, was announced as this year’s recipient of the Outstanding DNP Scholarly Project Award. “Thank you very much for this award,” said Craigo. “As I reflect on this project, I realize how much I have learned in the DNP program and how profoundly it has transformed me. This journey has equipped me with the skills to translate nursing science into clinical practice. Drs. Bush and Brown cultivate an engaging learning environment that promotes both personal and professional growth. I am excited to carry this knowledge forward and make a meaningful impact in the field of nursing.”

The event was video recorded and can be viewed here. Refer to this list for the timestamps of each presenter and their project titles.