A photograph of DNP students, alumni and faculty at the Botanical Garden

To kick off the new academic year, the DNP administration team hosted a welcome brunch event for Doctor of Nursing Practice students at the beautiful Botanical Gardens Nest Amphitheater.

Continuing and incoming DNP students had the opportunity to meet and speak with the School of Nursing Deans, faculty, DNP alumni, and staff.

Highlights of the event included an inspiring and warm welcome address by Dean Lin Zhan as well as the enthusiastic return of several DNP alumni who volunteered to mentor the incoming cohort of DNP students.

DNP students gathered for a photo from the DNP luncheon
Alumna Hamida Khanmohammed (left) with her mentee, Sarah Ko (right)

Dean Zhan emphasized the importance of DNP nurses who represent the highest level of education in nursing practice and the scholarship of clinical practice, and the essential roles DNP nurses fulfill in healthcare with the implementation of evidence-based practice, education, and leadership.

In the DNP alumni & student mentorship program, incoming DNP students are paired with continuing students or DNP alumni based on the incoming students’ clinical interests (topic of their DNP Scholarly Project), APRN clinical specialty, and/or the facility or organization where they work. Several alumni were invited to participate in the mentorship program, all of whom readily and enthusiastically accepted the role. The DNP alumni & student mentorship program exhibits alumni and students’ dedication to fostering and guiding DNP-prepared nurses and their continued support of the School of Nursing’s DNP program.

“I truly cherish the multifaceted support and guidance I receive from my mentors during my academic journey. As an alumna of the DNP program, it is my honor and privilege to share my knowledge and experience with someone who is about to embark down the same path I traveled, and this is my chance to help them along the way,” said Class of 2022 alumna Hamida Khanmohammed.

Khanmohammed is mentoring Sarah Ko, a Psych Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Eleven alumni and three continuing students volunteered to mentor students in the incoming DNP cohort.

The School of Nursing and the DNP administration team look forward to the upcoming 2022-2023 academic year and the exemplary scholarly work the DNP students will undoubtedly achieve.