A photo from the DNP luncheon

A celebratory luncheon for Doctor of Nursing Practice graduates of the years 2020, 2021, and 2022 was held at the Faculty Center on Saturday, May 21.

Hosted by the DNP Administrative Team, Dr. Nancy Jo Bush, Dr. Theresa Brown, and Ms. Soo Kwon, fun was had by over 100 attendees including DNP faculty, School of Nursing Deans, and community partners. Special guests who were acknowledged included immediate past Dean Linda Sarna and Dr. Suzette Cardin, both champions in the development and launching of the DNP program, and Ms. Linda Gorman, a key benefactor.  The keynote address by Assistant Clinical Professor Dr. Marcia Lysaght, former Chief Nursing Officer of Veterans Administration Los Angeles encouraged the graduates to “lean into” their achievements by continuing to contribute to clinical practice changes by improving patient and system outcomes, and through professional leadership and healthcare policy change.

Five distinguished alumni received recognition and awards for their outstanding work and contributions, including:

  • Al Alfandy for Best DNP Scholarly Project Award – Class of 2022
  • Harold Sarmiento for Outstanding DNP Project for Improving Health in an Underserved Population – Class of 2022
  • Jhoanna Anuran-Torres for DNP Class of 2022 Commencement Speaker
  • Ana Luisa Barajas for Publication of her DNP Scholarly Project – Class of 2021
  • Cheryl Le Huquet for her Contributions to the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program – Class of 2020

The luncheon was the first of many occasions to acknowledge and celebrate the positive impact that DNPs are making for the School of Nursing, their communities, and nationally. The energy and pride was palpable as we anticipate graduates to make great strides by “leaning into” improving health care with their newly acquired knowledge and leadership skills.

DNP students gathered for a photo from the DNP luncheon