Magnanimous. This is a word that resonated with Elizabeth Resnick. It’s also one that could be used to describe this loyal supporter and champion of the UCLA School of Nursing for over 13 years. Liz passed away on March 26, 2019 following a two-year battle with cancer.

A Bruin with her MBA,’13, from the UCLA Anderson School of Management, Liz was a dedicated educator,

serving as an educational administrator at various schools including Northfield Mount Hermon Preparatory School, Sage Hill School, Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences, and most recently Harvard- Westlake School.

One of the many ways she showed support for nurses was through a 2017 gift to our campaign, ‘One Word, One Gift’. This was when her love for the word ‘magnanimous’ came to the fore. For Liz, it conveyed a firm belief that there’s “nothing as generous and benevolent as the care and professional attention of a kind, thoughtful, and skilled nurse when one is unwell and vulnerable.”

Liz is survived by her wife, Jan Nash, and their children, Abraham and Hazel. Her devotion to family, career and the UCLA School of Nursing, as well as her unique combination of intelligence, humor, kindness, and patience were, well, beyond magnanimous.

The Liz Resnick Memorial Scholarship in Nursing, set to benefit nursing students in need, is just one of many ways her legacy continues.

Liz Reznik