I am a second year PhD student at UCLA School of Nursing (SON), and I also practice as an acute care nurse practitioner in neurology at an inpatient hospital. I am happy to be pursuing my degree at UCLA SON for the third time. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in nursing from UCLA and my master’s in acute care nurse practitioner degree also from UCLA. Currently, I am pursuing a PhD degree given my interest in research and teaching. I started doing research during my undergraduate years at UCLA with heart failure and heart transplant patient population, and I currently continue my research in this field. Through my research work, I had the opportunity to have several scientific presentations and publications. My long term goals include teaching and mentoring future nurses and nurse scientists. 

Research Interests: 

My research interests include clinical management of heart failure and heart transplant patients with specific interests in the immunology and infectious diseases including COVID-19. Given my clinical background in neurology, I also have future interests in neurological diseases.