I am currently a third-year doctoral student at the UCLA School of Nursing and have a background in clinical neuroimaging research. I initially became interested in cognition and chronic disease while performing undergraduate research at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). After graduating with my bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from CMU, I worked briefly in an Alzheimer’s neuroimaging lab at UC San Diego before moving to a staff researcher position at the UCLA School of Nursing to develop my clinical research skills and earn my master’s in nursing science. Under the guidance of Dr. Nancy Pike and Dr. Mary Woo at UCLA, I gained clinical and research experience studying neurocognitive alterations and psychological outcomes in patients with chronic diseases such as congenital heart disease (CHD). For my doctoral training at UCLA under Dr. Pike’s mentorship, I have refined my nursing research inquiry to study the sex differences in psychological and neurocognitive outcomes in adults with moderate to complex CHD.

Research Interest: 

Neurocognition, Aging, Congenital Heart Disease, Brain Imaging