What does being a Bruin Nurse mean to you?

Hear from our community, below, and accept the challenge for yourself.

Celebrated annually in May, Nurses Month is a chance to celebrate the exceptional impact of nurses globally. This month, UCLA Nursing is kicking off The Bruin Nurse Challenge and celebrating what it means to be a Bruin Nurse!

With a long-standing tradition of excellence, we are proud of our programs, our faculty, our students, and our alumni. As we continue to grow, thrive and produce the best nurses possible, we wanted to showcase our success through the eyes of our beholders.

Bruin Nurse Challenge graphic featuring Justin Paalisbo's quote, "A Bruin Nurse is more than a profession; it's a profound calling to serve and uplift individuals and communities, driven by a deep sense of compassion, respect, and dedication to improving health outcomes. Bruin Nurses are resilient and are always ready to succeed in challenging environments."
Bruin Nurse Challenge graphic featuring Brenda Yeung's quote, "Being a Bruin Nurse means thinking outside the box to solve problems in order to make a difference and improve the lives of others"
Shionta Jones on what it means to her to be a Bruin Nurse
Bruin Nurse Challenge graphic featuring Yusra Al Nasiri's quote "A Bruin nurse is resilient, compassionate, amazing leader and a change agent. Bruin nurse means having a sustainable path of achievements & commitment to provide quality healthcare outcomes. Being a bruin nurse means inspiring nurse educator, icon in research and innovation."
Richelle Kingi Nurses Month
Alex Tchekanov Nurses Month grahpic
A graphic featuring student LIsa Diaz
Lauren Clark
Michelle Panilio graphic
A graphic with Lauren Furtick
Deborah Rice Nurses Month Graphic
A grpahic with student Sonia Betancourt
Gabrielle Setiabudi
Kelly Guzman
Bruin Nurse Challenge graphic featuring Cecilia Jardon's quote, "A Bruin Nurse advocates, empathizes, and holistically cares for their patients. We build trustful relationships with our patients and help them towards recovery. I am proud to be a Bruin Nurse and hope to inspire many to become one too!"
Bruin Nurse Challenge graphic featuring Anjali Kumar's quote, "To me a Bruin Nurse means providing holistic care with passion, sincerity, and kindness. As a Bruin nurse I aspire to pave new paths to advance this profession and better this society!"
Anothony Tolentino graphic for nurses month
Bruin Nurse Challenge graphic featuring Korie Bigbee's quote "Being a Bruin Nurse means that I am innovative, intelligent and impactful. A Bruin Nurse is groomed to influence the culture of nursing and inspire the science of nursing. A Bruin nurse is a scholar and a force to reckoned with."
Jason Fukuta nurses month graphic
Matie Medina on what being a Bruin Nurse means to her
Lin Zhan nurses month grahpic
A graphic with student Lisa Seidl
Chuck Griffis on what being a Bruin Nurse means to him
Nancy Pellegrino
Bernice Tan
Carol Cunningham
Jasmin Wong graphic
Rosario Jaime Lara nurses month graphic