A closeup photograph of a student on campus


The UCLA School of Nursing will be a beacon of creating innovative, impactful, and sustainable individual and organizational strategies and solutions that promote a diverse, equitable and respectful environment for faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community partners through interdisciplinary research, scholarship, clinical care, and community engagement.


To promote excellence in nursing education and research by creating a sustainable culture of mutual understanding and respect for the culturally diverse individuals, families and populations as well as those living with disability.


  1. Implement ongoing training on diversity and implicit bias.
  2. Implement efforts to increase the recruitment, hiring, and promotion of diverse faculty, staff and post-doctoral fellows.
  3. Increase retention of outstanding faculty who mirror the population of California.
  4. Create a pathway for underrepresented student populations to the BS, MECN, APRN and DNP/PhD programs.