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Health Center at the Union Rescue Mission


Family Nurse Practitioner Residency

Now Accepting Applications for Nurse Practitioner Residency
Full-Time 12 Month Appointment Starts January 9, 2012

Nurse Practitioner Residency Application (PDF)
or apply online:

The University of California Los Angeles School of Nursing Health Center at the Union Rescue Mission (URM), and GLIDE Health Services (GHS) in San Francisco in affiliation with the University of California San Francisco are pleased to announce that they are accepting applications for the West Coast's first formal Nurse Practitioner Residency Program in Family Practice and Community Health. 

This residency is designed for new nurse practitioners with a commitment to developing career practices in the challenging setting of the Community Health Clinic (FQHC) and/or special populations such as homeless persons.

The Nurse Practitioner Residency Program has the following three goals:

  • Prepares NP to assume full responsibility for primary care of complex underserved populations across all life cycles and in multiple settings.
  • Building upon the education and practice base acquired in the education program leading to certification, the Residency will develop the clinical and operational confidence necessary for efficient, effective, and productive practice as a member of the health care team in a Community Health Clinic (FQHC).
  • Increase the number of Nurse Practitioners choosing to build long-term career in a Community Health Clinic (FQHC) and their capability for leadership positions within those organizations and within the healthcare system of the future.

Application Requirements:

1. Since all residents will be credentialed providers at GHS and URM, all applicants are required to fill out the attached Credentialing Application for Nurse Practitioners

2. Please submit responses to the following questions. This is an opportunity to reflect upon and communicate to GHS and URM your personal statement of qualifications, interest, and motivation in acceptance to this Residency. Please do not exceed two, double-spaced pages.

A. What personal, professional, educational and clinical experiences have led you to choose nursing as a profession, and the role of an/a adult/family nurse practitioner as a specialty practice? What are your aspirations for a Residency program? Please comment upon your vision and planning for your short and long-term career development.

B. What are the goals that you are looking to accomplish during your residency at GHS or URM? Please identify specific areas of interest by lifecycle, age, or setting that you would like to develop increased mastery, competence, or confidence in.

C. The GHS/URM Residency for Nurse Practitioners is still a newly implemented concept, and as such, will require the residency class to participate in some degree as "co-creators" of this model. Please comment on your personal qualities and strengths that you think will contribute positively to this experience. What apprehensions, concerns, and hesitations might you have?

3. As one of, or in addition to the four letters of recommendation that you will be supplying the credentialing application, please submit at least one letter that specifically addresses your capabilities and interest related to this Residency Program.

Application Deadline:  12 PM, Wednesday, November 30, 2011
Submit completed application via email to:    Colleen Keenan, PhD, FNP    (ckeenan@sonnet.ucla.edu)
Hard copy of application postmarked 11/30 via US Postal Service or equivalent.

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