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UCLA Health System Patient Safety Institute


Collaborative Initiatives with the Health System

Interprofessional Applied Learning Program to Improve Patient Safety

Principle Investigator: Courtney Lyder
Co-Principle Investigator: LuAnn Wilkerson
Co-Investigator: Pamela Davidson, Lynn Doering, Yue Ming Huang, Sara Kim, Margi Stuber
Project Manager: Lauren Weinberger

Role Based Practice Solutions (RBPS) Program and Evaluation

Co-Investigators: Cathy Ward, Gina Bufe, Mary Erbeznik, Pamela Davidson, A. Afifi
Collaborators: Maria O'Rourke
Project Manager: Terry Nakazono 

Coupling eLearning with Video-based Simulation to Promote Patient Safety

Principle Investigator: Randolph Steadman
Co-Investigators: Yue Ming Huang, Sara Kim
Collaborators: Thomas Rosenthal, Cathy Ward, Johanna Klohn, A. Afifi, Pamela Davidson, Jerry Kominski, Mary Ann Shinnick
Project Manager: Jim Morrison

Modeling the Impact of Patient Safety Changes in Medicare Reimbursement

Principle Investigator: Jim Morrison

Increasing Patient Safety via Hypoxema Simulation Training for New ICU Nurses

Principle Investigator: Mary Ann Shinnick

Obstetric Falls Risk Assessment System to Improve Patient Safety

Principle Investigator: Deborah Suda
Co-Investigators: Nicole Casalenuovo, Linda Searle Leach, Anna Gawlinski

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