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International Activities

Week of February 4, 2013

The SON hosted a group of Taiwanese nurses for a whirlwind one week program providing lectures, hospital tours, and observational experiences on ICU units at Ronald Reagan Medical Center and Cedars Sinai. Some of the nurses had been to the SON before and so enjoyed their programs that they decided to return again for more learning.

Week of January 14, 2013

A team of health experts from Oman visited the SON this week to learn about our graduate nursing programs. Dr. Al-Kharusi, Director General of Education and Training at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Abdulla Battashi, Dean of Dhahira Nursing Institute and Dr. Rafat Qahoush of the California School of Health Science & California Career Institution met with Dean Lyder, Dr. Cardin, Jane Tokunow  and two first year PhD students, Shawana Al Harrasi and Nour Abdulla. Following a discussion on curriculum details and graduate student requirements, the team took a tour, led by Jill Jordan, of the simulation and lab facilities at the SON. Discussions will continue about the possibility of nursing students from Oman continuing with graduate education here.




In December, Professor Maria Elena Ruiz was a member of the American Public Health Association delegation that visited Cuba.  The delegation interacted with physicians, nurses and other health providers at a Polyclinic, HIV Community Center, Maternity Home, Psychiatric Hospital and a model "green" collaborative housing city.  They also met with various key leaders of the Cuban Health Ministry, the Pan American Health Association and various Cuban health organizations.  Pictures:  Left: APHA delegation members and medical and nursing staff in front of the HIV Community Center; Right: Ruiz with medical staff of the Maternity Home.
Additionally, the group participated in the Cuba Salud! International Conference; where over 40 countries presented research.  Several thousands attended.






Week of January 7, 2013

Welcome Yi Chan Liou (also known as Catherine).  She has just arrived here from Taiwan to spend the winter studying at the SON and visiting hospitals. She is an acute care nurse practitioner working in a surgical ICU at National Cheng Kung University Hospital in the city of Tainan. In Taiwan, the role of the NP is much like our CNSs who work in the acute setting. Catherine's interests include reading, visiting museums and running.




Week of November 26, 2012 

Professor Eunice Lee visited Hunan Provide Tumor Hospital in Changsha, China with Professor Sally Maliski.  She and Maliski also gave a lecture at Central South University School of Nursing in Changsha for their graduate students.  Lee also visited Korea for the month of October where she presented her research in the homecoming conference at her alma mater Seoul National University College of Nursing.  She also explored possibilities of collaborating with Korean nursing scholars about her research on breast cancer screening for Korean American women.

Week of November 12, 2012

AGNS Faculty members Linda Phillips, Mary Cadogan, Lynn Woods and Jan Mentes presented a symposium at Sigma Theta Tau's International Conference held in Brisbane, Australia. The symposium, entitled, Antagonism or Synergism: A Cross-National Perspective of the Intersection of Emergency and Geriatric Nursing, was a collaborative effort with colleagues from University Technology Sydney. After the conference, Drs. Cadogan and Mentes met with the Australian team at UTS and discussed further analyses and publications.  Robin Gallagher, from the Australian team, is shown in the photo; she is here this week for continuing collaboration with the SON faculty.




Week of November 5, 2012 - Visiting Student from Taipei

Yin Yin Tsou, who has been a nurse in Taiwan for 15 yrs, has been sent by her government and home hospital in Taipei to audit classes at the SON and observe nursing in Los Angeles hospitals. So far, she has visited Ronald Reagan and CHLA. Her specialty in Taiwan is pulmonary nursing and she is learning a great deal here about how ICU patients on ventilators are treated. When you see her around, please give her a warm welcome.






Week of October 22, 2012 - Hong Kong Sanitorium and Hospital and Central South University

A contingency composed of a UCLA faculty and nurse manager from Children's Hospital Los Angeles and a recent PhD graduate from UCLA School of Nursing traveled to Hong Kong in early September 2012 to deliver the 10th program at Hong Kong Sanitorium & Hospital (HKSH). The program delivery by Nancy Blake, Adey Nyamathi and Jane Tokunow was exceptional and well received. The topic, the "Development of an RN Residency Program" was of extreme interest by HKSH leadership as they forge ahead to remain the leaders in offering the highest level of care in Hong Kong. The nurses who attended the program were very enthusiastic about the relevancy of the program which was very timely for them as they were refining their own RN Residency program already underway from a previous UCLA visit.  



The SON was very honored to host visitors from Central South University in China last week.  The visitors started their morning with an introduction and overview of the school, followed by presentations on research being performed at the School by Professors Mary Woo and Dong Sung An.  Central South University will be sending some nursing students to expand their learning opportunities.  The visitors felt that the faculty was very student focused and were very welcomed.  Everyone agreed that there are many possibilities for future collaboration and exciting work ahead.





Week of October 8, 2012 - New International Students in Graduate Nursing Program

Seven international students were accepted to our graduate nursing programs beginning this fall. The students, who are from South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, Japan and Oman, attended an orientation day where they were welcomed by Adey Nyamathi, Suzette Cardin, and Rhonda Flenoy-Younger. Other faculty and staff oriented them on personal safety, academic integrity, APA format, and how to create a Table of Evidence.  They were assessed by an ESL teacher for proficiency in English. All of the students graduated from nursing school in the US and have an excellent command of the language. Talkative with delightful personalities, they said they enjoyed meeting each other for the first time and felt very welcomed by the SON.

Week of June 25, 2012 - Dean Courtney Lyder Presents Talk in Australia

Dean Lyder presented a talk on "Nursing and Technology, Needed Bedfellows" sponsored by the Queensland University of Technology.  The presentation was provided to bridge the Queensland Government of Australia and the US.  He is pictured here with the Honorary Ros Bates, Minister for Science, Information, Technology Innovate and the Arts, Queensland Government.





Week of June 18, 2012 - Where in the World is Dr. Nyamathi?

Adey Nyamathi just returned from Kingston, Jamaica (mon) after delivering a keynote presentation, on "Building Research Capacities in Nursing". The conference, held at the University of the West Indies (UWI), is currently heavily focused on promoting research capacity in nursing. As a premier School of Nursing which houses a BSN, MS and PhD program, building research capacity is much needed and the faculty are very motivated. As a primarily English speaking country, there is much that UCLA SON and UWI can do together. A MOU is being planned and grant planning activities between the two universities already underway.




Week of June 11, 2012 - Where in the World Is Dr. Nyamathi?

Dr Nyamathi spent six days in Oman as an External Examiner for the Sultan Qaboos University College of Nursing from May 26th to May 31st. The evaluation experience for Omani undergraduate students is quite rigorous and includes a series of oral, written and clinician assessment by both internal and external examiners. While the Nursing College was established in 2002, it received independent college status at Sultan Qaboos University in 2008. A Masters of Science Program is being planned for 2013 and a PhD in 2020. 



Week of June 4, 2012 - Hosting Japanese Students

In anticipation of a large group of Japanese nursing students and their professors visiting UCLA in August, the SON is preparing a full program of lectures, hospital tours, and social events. There will be about 44 in all with both undergraduates and graduates coming from two different nursing schools,  Kitasato and Mie. Some of their grads are very much like our MECN students - a bit older with interesting life and leadership experience. Many of these students have expressed a strong interest in meeting our students.  Their visit will provide a great opportunity for interested SON students to host some events and to meet nursing students from Japan.

Week of May 28, 2012 - New Relationships with Thai Nursing Schools

Dean Lyder and Rob Fast recently visited Bangkok Thailand to attend a conference called "Nursing Education, An Asian Perspective."  While there they visited with our colleagues from Mahidol University where we will soon have another International MOU.






Week of May 21, 2012 - Nursing in Vietnam and International Applicant Webpage

Cullen Torsney, 2nd Year MSN Admin, will be traveling to Vietnam as part of her practicum project for the MSN Administration program.  Working with the non-profit organization Global Health Force, she will be leading a group of 20 volunteers, conducting primary care clinics in the impoverished central mountain region of Vietnam.  They plan on seeing over 1,000 patients over 5 days of clinics.
The International Applicants and Support Task Force is developing a Web page specifically for International Applicants. The first stage of the webpage will be information on how to apply for admissions. This information will be customized specifically for International Applicants. Additional information will include A Testimony from an International Student, Orientation for International Students, links to the Dashew Center, Transportation and Housing.

Week of April 30, 2012 - Handa Nursing Students Visit SON

On April 12th, 44 undergraduate nursing students from Handa Tokoname Nursing School in Japan visited the School of Nursing for a half-day presentation and tour. Drs. Adey Nyamathi, Priscilla Kehoe, and Suzette Cardin provided information on our academic programs, research, and student admissions to the enthusiastic group. The students were also given a tour of the Skills Lab and the Biomedical Library. This was Handa's second visit to the SON, and we look forward to seeing them again next year!




Week of April 9, 2012 - SON Welcomes International Students

Two new international students, Beatriz Garcia Solano (left) from Mexico, and Caroline Holland from Brazil (right) have just arrived to study for a few quarters at the SON.   Beatriz, or Betty as she is called here, is a doctoral student in nursing at the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León in Monterrey Mexico. She is also on the nursing faculty in Puebla teaching family and community health nursing.  At the SON, she will be mentored by Drs. Hodge and Ruiz on nursing theory.  Caroline is a third year undergraduate student receiving her BS from the Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso which is located in the western city of Cuiabá. Caroline is sponsored by the highly competitive Science without Borders program and while here, she will be mentored in the pediatric specialty by Dr. Jacob.  When you see them in the halls or in class, strike up a welcoming conversation!

Week of April 2, 2012 - Join the GAIN Board

Our very own Global Action In Nursing (GAIN) is accepting applications for the 2012-2013 Board. This is an exciting opportunity to drive the future of global health awareness and student initiated outreach opportunities at the SON! This is your chance to be a leader about something you are passionate about- health of all people! Every position available: Co-Chair, Education Subcommittee Co-Chair, Social/Fundraising Subcommittee Co-Chair, Resource/Outreach Subcommittee Co-Chair.  Visit here to apply by April 11, 2012. Notification of the results of the election will be emailed by April 16.

Week of March 26, 2012 -  Collaborations in Australia

As part of Dr. Adey Nyamathi's six-month sabbatical, one month has just been spent in Australia at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS).   There Dr Nyamathi met often with several faculty about collaborative research studies of mutual interest and discussed other potential faculty collaborations with the UCLA School of Nursing.  Two lectures were also delivered; one to students and faculty as a Master class and a second to a larger audience of faculty from a number of universities in Sydney. Research collaborations are rich at UTS and their Dean, John Daly, is very welcoming of UCLA SON-UTS collaborations.

Our very own Global Action In Nursing (GAIN) is accepting applications for the 2012-2013 Board. This is an exciting opportunity to drive the future of global health awareness and student initiated outreach opportunities at the SON! This is your chance to be a leader about something you are passionate about- health of all people! Every position available: Co-Chair, Education Subcommittee Co-Chair, Social/Fundraising Subcommittee Co-Chair, Resource/Outreach Subcommittee Co-Chair.  Visit http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8CNDVVQ to apply by April 11, 2012. Notification of the results of the election will be emailed by April 16.

Week of March 19, 2012 -  The SON-China Connection

As China has developed politically and economically in the last few years, several American universities are opening up campuses and centers. The SON has also been increasing its academic involvement with China and in particular with some nursing schools. Highlights of some of those projects include:

  • Dr. Linda Sarna surveyed four schools regarding tobacco control. Her research revealed a need for further education about smoking and a distance learning project is ready to be launched to help 1000 nurses in Beijing and 1000 in Anhui quit smoking.
  • Dr. Sarna and Dr. Nyamathi were appointed Visiting Professors at Anhui Medical University.
  • Dr. Ann Williams is a Professor at Xiangya School of Nursing, in Changsha, Hunan, China. Her current research looks at the effectiveness of nursing home visits to help people living with HIV/AIDS in Hunan in terms of adherence to ART and with stigma, discrimination depression, and quality of life for those living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Dr. Sally Maliski visited the Hunan Providence Tumor Hospital and established a collaboration between the hospital and Xiangya University to begin nursing research. Two projects are ready to be launched: one on the quality of life of patients post surgery for tongue cancer and another on validating an established prostrate cancer quality of life instrument in China for use in subsequent studies of Chinese men treated for prostrate cancer.
  • Beyond research projects, Dr. Nyamathi and Rob Fast are looking at the feasibility of upgrading nursing education in China; exchanges may involve SON faculty teaching in China and Chinese nursing students visiting the SON.

It is the Year of the Dragon and in Chinese astrology, the dragon "marks progression, perseverance and auspiciousness", so stay tuned for further exciting connections with China. 

Week of March 12, 2012 - MAKING A DREAM A REALITY 

Three of our MECN Students, Desiree Thomas, Robert Maxwell and Holiwell spent their winter break in Sierra Leone.  Read about their amazing experience.

Week of February 20, 2012 - Kitasato Team Visit

The Kitasato University School of Nursing and the UCLA SON have long enjoyed a sister school relationship with yearly exchanges of students and faculty for mutual teaching and learning.  This past week, Kitasato sent a small team of faculty from Kitasato School of Nursing and nursing administrators from Kitasato hospital to UCLA with a slightly different mission-- their hospital CNO, head nurse and three faculty members came to consult with academic experts at SON and the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.  Like many nursing schools and hospitals in the US, the Kitasato enterprise is looking at new ways to better prepare nursing students to make successful transitions from school to work, and also to increase the satisfaction and retention of nurses in their first job. Our visitors received the latest information about our academic programs and infrastructure from a number of faculty and staff. The visitors left feeling very fulfilled and energized to make changes back home. 

Week of February 13, 2012 - UC Global Health Day

On February 4, the UC Global Health Institute, in partnership with 3 other UC Centers for Health, held a one-day university-wide conference in Berkeley focusing on the impact of population growth on health worldwide.  About 300 people from all 10 campuses attended to learn, teach, and share with each other. The keynote speakers were Sir John Sulston, Nobel Laureate and chair of the British Royal Society Working Group People and the Planet and Dr. Eliya Msiyaphazi Zulu, director of the new African Institute for Development Policy, based in Nairobi.  The take home message from their presentations was population and consumerism on the global level are rising equally in tandem and this is the basis for global warming. They stressed that one important solution to this threat to the planet and to world health is to ensure worldwide access to reproductive contraceptive methods so families everywhere can control when and how many children they have.  In addition to the many speakers, there were over 75 poster presentations representing all the campuses. In the above photo, Dr. Fred Hagigi of the UCLA  Anderson School of Management and Jane Tokunow talk with Patience Afulani , UCLA grad student in Public Health,  about her poster on maternal health in Ghana.  Only a few years ago, the UC launched a university wide effort to develop projects, research and education to provide leadership for tackling global health issues. This conference showcased some of the most recent research being done on global health and gave participants an opportunity to further exchange ideas about future collaborations.

Week of February 6, 2012 - Trekking and Treating Patients

Imagine a trip trekking across the Himalayas and treating patients along the way. That is exactly what Nancy Zimmerman, 2nd year student in the Adult/Geriatric NP tract, did for 2 months last summer. Along with 15 medical students, and as the sole NP student, she joined a program organized by Himalayan Health Exchange. Carrying tents and limited medical supplies, the group treated mainly geriatric patients. Precepted by 2 internal medicine MDs and a Nurse Practitioner, Nancy was able to gain more experience in her gero specialty by identifying and treating chronic disease in elders.  The trip was made possible by a $1500 scholarship from Sara's Wish Foundation, which grants young women money to travel to do public service in distant lands. To qualify for funds, a woman must exhibit qualities of leadership, service and adventure. For more information about this funding source, check out the website, www.saraswish.org.  

Week of January 30, 2012 - "Face to Face" Learning across the Globe

Recently, the SON held two exciting international exchanges using the web -- one with Hong Kong hospital nurses and the other with students at Kitasato School of Nursing.  Using the hi-tech UCLA Medical Center web facilities, Dr. Donna McNeese-Smith and John Barnes gave a four-hour workshop on financial management.   The HK nurses could see two adjacent screens: one with the UCLA lecturer at the podium and the other with the PowerPoint slides.  On our side, the UCLA lecturers could see their own PowerPoint and on another screen, the entire classroom in Hong Kong.   Students in Hong Kong completed small group work, creating financial Gantt charts on big sheets of paper  which the students would hold up to the camera.  Although Los Angeles and Hong Kong are more than 7,000 air miles apart, the workshop felt like teachers and learners were in one large classroom with much joking and laughter exchanged as work on the projects progressed.

The GAIN students teleconferenced with students in Japan, using a low-tech internet approach. Students and faculty from both sides of the ocean logged their computers onto one website built for such an exchange.   The Japanese students presented their work on earthquake relief and the UCLA students showed slides of their trip to Uganda. The exchange was a huge success.

Week of September 26, 2011 - Kitasato Nursing School & UCLA SON Exchange Program

For many years, the UCLA School of Nursing (SON) has participated in an exchange program with Kitasato Nursing School, a private nursing school located slightly southwest of central Tokyo.  On alternate years, Associate Dean Nyamathi sends a team of faculty and doctoral students from the UCLA SON to Japan to lecture and participate in faculty- and student-related activities. Alternately, the UCLA SON receives a group of students and faculty from Kitasato University for summer learning seminars at the UCLA SON.

The teaching team this year, led by Dr Nyamathi, included Catherine Brown-Salzman, ethicist at  Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Darlene Tyler, past doctoral alumnus of the  SON, Jane Tokunow , faculty, and doctoral student, Benissa Salem.  Lectures were given on advance practice roles, ethics, women's health, the work of the Union Rescue Mission with the homeless and gero-fraility. New to this exchange was a trip to Mie Prefecture College of Nursing, a recently established public school located in the coastal town of Mie, which is a few hours by train-ride southwest of Tokyo.   Many of the SON's faculty has lectured in previous years at Kitasato and the relationship continues to be vital.

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