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Acute and Chronic Health Sciences


Janet Mentes, PhD, APRN-BC, FGSA
Associate Professor
Section Chair, Acute and Chronic Health Sciences
Research: Improving the health of frail nursing home residents by focusing on common problems of acute confusion, dehydration and oral hygiene.  An additional research focus is on pain assessment and management in older adults.
Clinical: Geropsychiatric advanced practice nurse
Email:  jmentes@sonnet.ucla.edu

Barbara Bates-Jensen, PhD, RN, FAAN
Associate Professor and Chair of the Faculty
Research: Pressure ulcers & wound care (screening, prevention, assessment & management), quality of care, and implementation science (translating research evidence into practice) in long term care.
Clinical: Gerontology nursing, chronic care, and wound care.
E-mail:  bbatesjensen@sonnet.ucla.edu

Mary-Lynn Brecht, PhD
Adjunct Professor
Research: Current projects focus on patterns and correlates of methamphetamine (meth) use; treatment outcomes and HIV risk behaviors for meth users; and the application of longitudinal statistical methods to substance abuse and health research. Past projects have included needs assessment (for substance abuse treatment, for training among service providers related to problem gambling), evaluation of treatment for drug abuse, substance use prevalence estimation, community indicators of drug abuse problems.
Statistical expertise: multivariate statistical methods, especially for longitudinal studies
E-mail:  lbrecht@ucla.edu

Mary Cadogan, , DrPH, RN, CGNP
Adjunct Professor
Research:   Improving qualityand safety of careacross settings for older adults.
Clinical: Advanced Practice Gerontology Nursing; Community based health promotion and disease prevention for diverse populations.
E-mail: mcadogan@sonnet.ucla.edu

Pamela Davidson, PhD
Adjunct Professor
Research: Dr. Pamela Davidson is the CTSI-Evaluation program area leader, director of the UCLA Health System Patient Safety Institute, and associate professor in the Schools of Nursing and Public Health. Her expertise is in evaluation design and methods, strategic planning, systems and organizational change, and health services research. Over the past two decades Dr. Davidson has directed large-scale multisite research and evaluation studies and taught Health Services Evaluation, Organization and Management Processes, and Health Systems and Organizations. Dr. Davidson participated on the leadership team that developed and launched the UCLA CTSI. As the Program Area Leader for CTSI-Evaluation, she is leading the team on several major initiatives in 2013: (1) CTSI Executive Dashboard of performance measures that align with the national CTSA Consortium and our regional CTSA network, the UC BRAID; (2) Partnership with the F5LA Dental/Medical Home Project to improve oral health care for Los Angeles children (0-5 years) and to build a sustainable infrastructure for conducting research in a provider/community network (Crall, PI); (3) Strategic alliance with the UCLA Health System Patient Safety Institute (PSI)to build an infrastructure and interface for conducting multisite research for accelerating patient safety innovation, and (4) Co-PI on the Josiah Macy Foundation-funded project, Innovative Tools for Evaluating Interprofessional Competencies. Prior to the CTSI-Evaluation Program, Dr. Davidson helped launch the National Center for Healthcare Leadership (NCHL) and consulted with the organization for a decade as a lead evaluator and research advisor. Dr. Davidson is a member of the National CTSA Consortium Evaluation KFC and the American Evaluation Association.  CTSI web site: http://www.ctsi.ucla.edu/
E-mail:  pdavidson@sonnet.ucla.edu

Anna Gawlinski, PhD, CS-ACNP, FAAN
Adjunct Professor
Research: Testing interventions aimed at improving outcomes in acute and critically ill patients in areas such as hemodynamic monitoring, animal assisted therapy, patient communication, and the nurses' role in the recovery of medical errors.  She has implemented an infrastructure that supports research and evidence-based practice in the Department of Nursing at the UCLA Health System.
Clinical: Cardiovascular acute and critical care
E-mail: agawlins@sonnet.ucla.edu

Boyoung Hwang, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor
Research: Care of patients with cardiac disease and their families, with emphasis on the role of family caregivers in heart failure care, the impact of caregiving on the physical and psychological health of family caregivers, and cognitive behavioral inverventions for caregivers of patients with heart failure.
Clinical: Cardiovascular nursing, mental health
E-mail: bhwang@sonnet.ucla.edu

Eufemia Jacob, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor
Research:  Monitoring pain and symptom experiences, evaluating pain and symptom management strategies, and examining the effects of pain and symptoms on sleep activity patterns and on overall quality of life in children with chronic illness (cancer, sickle cell disease, persistent pain).  She recently completed a study that included the use of handheld electronic devices such as smart phones as a tool for self-monitoring pain and symptoms at home, for remote monitoring of pain and symptoms by a nurse practitioner, and for facilitating communication betwen pediatric patients and clinicians.  
Clinical: Pediatric nursing, hematology/oncology nursing
E-mail:  ejacob@sonnet.ucla.edu

Linda Searle-Leach, PhD, RN, CNAA
Assistant Professor
Research:  Health services and improvement science research in the quality management and patient safety domain focused on team effectiveness and interdisciplinary temas with an emphasis on nurses and physicians in acute care hospitals, primarily rapid response teams, surgical teams and nursing leadership team effectiveness.  Current research involves investigating "workarounds" -- the problems RNs encouter routinely due to system defects and observation of RN workload and medication erros.  Theoretical focus: Organization behavior and leadership, systems theory, quality outcomes, human factors, safety management and error prevention.  Methods include collaborative network studies, quantitative designs particularly survey reserac and instrument evaluation and qualitative research using grounded theory, interview, focus groups and observation. 
Clinical:  Nursing administration of health care services
E-mail:  lleach@sonnet.ucla.edu

Eunice Lee,  PhD, RN, GNP
Associate Professor
Research: Nursing interventions to improve breast/cervical/colorectal cancer screening among immigrants; cancer screening among immigrants; care of vulnerable and minority elder adults with dementia and their caregivers; depression; cross-cultural methodology
Clinical: Gerontological nurse practitioner, geriatric-psychiatric nursing
E-mail: eclee@sonnet.ucla.edu

Mary Ann Lewis, DrPH, RN, FAAN
Research: Health Services Research that focuses on testing the effectiveness of Nursing Interventions to improve the quality of care for adults with developmental disabilities, the frail elderly, and children with chronic diseases; health promotion and disease prevention interventions for children with chronic diseases; community-based partnerships to improve the quality of care for children with chronic diseases; and education interventions for health professionals.
Clinical: Family health
E-mail: mlewis@sonnet.ucla.edu

Courtney Lyder, ND, ScD(Hon), FAAN
Dean and Professor (on leave 2014-15)
Research: Care of vulnerable and minority elder adults. Particular emphasis on chronic care issues -- pressure ulcer prevention and management, perineal dermatitis, urinary incontinence, medication adherence, elder safety. Research methods of interests - descriptive, experimental and health services research. 
Clinical: Gerontological nursing
E-mail:  clyder@sonnet.ucla.edu

Karabi Nandy, PhD
Adjunct Assistant Professor
E-mail: knandy@sonnet.ucla.edu 

Nancy Pike, PhD, RN, FNP-C
Assistant Professor
Research: Biobehavioral and health outcomes in children with complex congenital heart disease across the life span. Her work specifically investigating the biological interface between cliical symptoms (cognitive impairment, depression, anxiety and memory) and brain structure injury as it relates to quality of life and the ability for self-care with transitioning to adulthood.  
Clinical: Acute care pediatric nurse practitioner, Cardiothoracic Surgery, High-risk infant single ventricle clinic
E-mail: npike@sonnet.ucla.edu

Mary Ann Shinnick, PhD, RN, ACNP-BC
Assistant Professor In-Residence
Research: Investigates the efficacy of human patient simulation in areas of nursing education both in the academic and hospital settings as related to patient safety.  Variables studied have included knowledge gains, critical thinking, learning style, retention of skills and clinical impact.  Current research is specifically focused on the clinical effect of using simulaiton in urse training, including the use of eye-tracking in understanding clinical inference and decision making. 
Clinical: Aute care nurse practitioner/Clinical Nurse Specialist; Cardiac Surgery ICU and Heart Failure Clinic
E-mail:  mshinnic@sonnet.ucla.edu

Marlyn S. Woo
Adjunct Professor (WOS)
E-mail: mswoo@sonnet.ucla.edu


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