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Health Promotion Sciences


Deborah Koniak-Griffin, EdD, RNC, FAAN
Professor and Audrienne H. Moseley Chair in Women's Health; Section Chair, Health Promotion Sciences

Research: NIH-funded research spans over  two decades and focuses on development and evaluation of health promotion/disease prevention interventions to eliminate health disparities in vulnerable populations of youth and adult women. She has led multi-disciplinary teams in conducting clinical trials involving pregnant adolescents and young parents of ethnic/racial minority backgrounds and immigrant Latina women. These studies aim to prevent HIV and repeat teen pregnancy, improve maternal-child health and decrease risk of CVD through healthy lifestyle behaviors.  Three of her intervention programs, including Be Proud! Be Responsible! Be Protective!, serve as evidenced-based models for pregnancy/STI prevention and early childhood home visitation.  As Director of the Center for Vulnerable Populations Research, she has led efforts to train professionals in community-based participatory approaches in research and education.
Clinical: Nationally certified women's health nurse practitioner, with expertise in obstetric nursing
E-mail: dkoniak@sonnet.ucla.edu

Jo-Ann Eastwood, PhD, C.C.N.S., C.C.R.N.
Associate Professor
Research: The study of gender differences in ischemic heart disease (IHD) and the identification of specific biologic, diagnositc and psychosocial correlates of IHD in premenopausal women.  Her research activities include the development of new knowledge regarding hormonal mechanisms that contribute to early IHD as well as the early identification of "at risk" women for subclinical or early IHD.  Her current projects combine clinical and m-Health approaches to risk reduction in young, minority women.  .
Clinical: Critical Care and Interventional Cardiology
E-mail:  jeastwoo@sonnet.ucla.edu

MarySue Heileman, PhD, RN
Associate Professor
Research: Depression among Latinas in relation to strengths (mastery, resilience, and other protective factors), motivation, and readiness to change, in the context of intergenerational cultural expectations, gender issues, trauma, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Expertise is qualitative methods (Grounded Theory and Interpretive Phenomenology) but also uses quantitative methods in research.
Clinical: Community-based mental health, community health nursing, and public health nursing
E-mail: mheilema@sonnet.ucla.edu

Felicia Hodge, DrPH
Research: Chronic health conditions and health beliefs and behaviors among American Indians and Alaska Natives. Current projects: (1) examines the cultural constructs of pain and cancer related symptoms among AIAN cancer survivors; (2) develops and evaluates colorectal cancer screening materials for American Indian 44 clinics in California; (3) tests smoking cessation interventions; (4) and examines knowledge, attitudes and preferences for HPV vaccinations among American Indian college students.  Served as the Chair of the American Indian Studies (BA/MA) program and is the Director of the Center for American Indian/Indigenous Research and Education (CAIIRE).
Clinical: American Indian health and healthcare, health behavior intervention strategies, cultural competencies, health disparities
E-mail: fhodge@sonnet.ucla.edu

Angela Hudson, PhD, RN, FNP-C
Assistant Professor
Research: Health promotion and risk reduction behaviors among at-risk youth. Current research pertains to youth currently and formerly in foster care, homeless youth, and LGBT youth and their respective health-related issues. Another aspect of research concerns HIV/AIDS awareness and interventions to increase HIV testing rates in all persons, irrespective of risk status. Currently exploring primary care providers' perspectives on facilitators and barriers to HIV testing as part of standard practice in ambulatory care settings. 
Clinical: Maternity-newborn nursing, certified family nurse practitioner
E-mail: alhudson@sonnet.ucla.edu

Colleen Keenan, PhD, RNC, WHCNP 
Adjunct Associate Professor
Research: Reduction of high-risk behaviors and strategies to promote physical and mental health adopted for use in homeless adolescents, adults and families.
E-mail: ckeenan@sonnet.ucla.edu

Eunice Lee,  PhD, RN, GNP
Associate Professor
Research: Breast/cervical/colorectal cancer screening intervention; cancer screening; disease prevention; depression in older adults; caregivers of older persons with dementia; minority/immigrants' health; women's health; instrument development; assessment of cultural equivalence of instruments
Clinical: Community health nursing, oncology nursing, and gerontological psychiatric nursing
E-mail: eclee@sonnet.ucla.edu

Mary Marfisee, MD, MPH
Assistant Adjunct Professor
E-mail: mmarfisee@sonnet.ucla.edu

Adey Nyamathi, PhD, ANP, FAAN
Associate Dean for International Research and Scholarly Activities, Audrienne H. Moseley Endowed Chair
Research: Coping and adjustments to illness, health promotion and risk reduction with vulnerable homeless and drug-addicted adults and adolescents at risk for HIV/AIDS, TB, HBV and HCV. Dr Nyamathi has led an impressive team of multidisciplinary investigators as Principal Investigator (PI) of nine NIH-funded RO1s, as well as a number of other NIH grants, funded by NIDA, NIAAA, NICHD and NIAID over the past 28 years related to HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, TB and other infectious diseases. Her numerous research activities in India relate to coping and adjustment to chronic illnesses, such as HIV/AIDS and TB. Also the Co-Director of the NIDA-funded Ruth Kirschstein T-32 Pre-Post Doctoral Fellowship and the HRSA Vulnerable Populations Training grant. Travels abroad extensively in her academic position and is also PI on additional studies based in India. Actively teaches in the doctoral program and is a certified nurse practitioner.
Clinical Expertise: Community health
E-mail: anyamath@sonnet.ucla.edu

Carol Pavlish, PhD, RN, ONC
Assistant Professor
Research: Gender-based violence in post-conflict settings; refugee and immigrant women's health; risk of HIV infection in post-conflict settings; transcultural nursing care; social justice and social advocacy; health and human rights; narrative and community-based collaborative action research.  Additional areas of research include ethics conflict prevention, palliative care, and end-of-life care.
Clinical: Community health nursing and acute oncology nursing care
E-mail: cpavlish@sonnet.ucla.edu

Maria Elena Ruiz, PhD, RN, FNP-BC
Assistant Adjunct Professor, Associate Director Chicano Studies Research Center
Research: Racial/ethnic minority health and aging, with an intergenerational family focus.  Particular emphasis on immigrant and Latino health, health disparities, social epidemiology and the intersection of place, culture and language.  Special focus on mixed qualitative and quantitative designs, particularly community-based participatory.  Research experience includes studies on homelessness, chronic illness among Latinos, as well as the state of nursing in America.
Clinical: Family health, advanced practice, community/public health
E-mail: mruiz@sonnet.ucla.edu

Benissa Salem
Assistant Adjunct Professor

Elizabeth Anne Thomas, PhD, ANP-BC, RN
Assistant Professor
Research: Focuses on type 2 diabetes in older working adults. Conducted grounded-theory qualitative studies on diabetes self-management at work and quantitative work on type 2 diabetes, hearing loss and work-related exposures (noise and chemicals) in older Mexican Americans. Current studies include an extension of grounded-theory qualitative studies on diabetes self-management at work and a quantitative study of self-efficacy for diabetes self-management, self-management behaviors, and work productivity in older adults. Has designed, implemented, and managed numerous occupational health programs, including award winning workers' compensation and ergonomics programs. Has extensive experience as a team member and team leader in Total Quality Management initiatives.
Clinical: Occupational health nurse practitioner working in high technology industries meeting the health, safety, and ergonomic needs of employees
E-mail:  ethomas@sonnet.ucla.edu

Ann Williams, EdD, RN, FNP
Research: For over 3 decades, Williams has worked as a nurse practitioner caring for persons with HIV/AIDS in the US and abroad.  Her program of research is a direct outgrowth of that clinical work.  She designed and conducted some of the earliest studies of AIDS among drug users.  Her work tested interventions to decrease HIV transmission, improve gynecologic care of women living with HIV and increase patient adherence to antiretroviral medication.  The work has been funded by sources such as NIH, AMFAR and World AIDS Foundation.  Her work in China, Vietnam, Thailand and Poland supports the international effort to limit the spread of HIV and improve the care of those already infected.  Currently, she leads a collaborative study of HIV/AIDS medication adherence in China.  Knowledge gained from Ai Sheng Nuo will contribute to successful treatment of HIV disease around the world through increased understanding of factors associated with antiretroviral therapy (ART) adherence, interventions to improve adherence and factors associted with resistance to ART.
Clinical: Primary care of people living with HIV/AIDS
E-mail: awilliams@sonnet.ucla.edu

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