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Translational Sciences


Lynn Doering, PhD, RN, FAAN 
Professor; Section Chair, Translational Sciences
Research: Depression and immune dysfunction in cardiac patients, care of patients with ischemic heart disease, including transplantation; emphasis on biological outcomes of behavioral interventions, and screening and treatment of depression.
Clinical: Critical care and cardiopulmonary nursing
E-mail: ldoering@sonnet.ucla.edu 

Dong Sung An, PhD, MD
Associate Professor
Research: Developing hematopoietic stem cell based gene therapy strategies for treating HIV infected patients. Research team investigates efficient introduction of protective genes against HIV into target cells and offer protection against HIV. My research aims to bring basic science findings to the clinic.
Clinical: Immunology
E-mail: dan@sonnet.ucla.edu

Catherine Carpenter, PhD
Adjunct Associate Professor
Research: Diet and exercise intervention studies for breast cancer prevention; the effect of protein on recovery from malnutrition and HIV; the influence of candidte genes associated with appetite and food craving in developmen tof obesity, and lung cancer prevention through dietary consumption of cruciferous vegetables.  Future research directions include studies of protein intake in relationship to infectious disease and development of epidemiologic methods to account for dietary compensation in nutrtitional trials.
E-mail: ccarpenter@sonnet.ucla.edu

Leah FitzGerald, PhD, APRN-BC, FNP
Assistant Professor
Research: Assess the impact of stress on responsiveness to human disease.  Dr. FitzGerald's research focuses on biobehaviroal relationships related to psychological and physiological stressors, as reflected in neuroendocrine, hormonal and inflammatory markers to better understand the basis for changes in body composition, health risk factors and various health outcomes.
Clinical: Family Nurse Practitioner
E-mail: lfitzger@sonnet.ucla.edu

Karen Gylys, PhD, RN 
Research: Understanding early changes in Alzheimer's disease brain, specifically the mechanisms by which synapses degenerate.  We study postmortem Alzheimer's tissue and transgenic mouse models of this disease, and focus on the synapse region through use of a synaptosome preparation (resealed nerve terminals).  Synaptic changes are detected with flow cytometry analysis of synaptosomes using novel protocols that we have developed.  We also use conventional biochemical assays including ELISA and Westerns, and image synaptic regions using confocal and electron microscopy.  Collaborative projects with the Easton Center for Alzheimer's Research are directed at measuring CSF and plasma biomarkers in subjects with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) with the goal of finding a blood test that will identify Alzheimer's patients early in the disease and track patient response to therapies.
E-mail: Kgylys@sonnet.ucla.edu

Nalo Hamilton, PhD, MSN, APRN-BC
Assistant Professor
Research: Breast cancer development. Currently, she is investigating the regulatory affects of the insulin like growth factor-II (IGF-2) on gene expression in estrogen receptor negative (ER-) breast cancer cell lines and tumors.
Clinical: Obstetrics and Primary Care; Certified women's health and adult health nurse practitioner
E-mail: nhamilton@sonnet.ucla.edu

Su Yon Jung, PhD
Assistant Professor
Research: Her research interests include a focus on identifying cancer biomarkers associated with obesity and weight gain as potential strategies for cancer prevention. She has incorporated genetic approaches to evaluate the effect of gene-environmental interactions on the pathways connecting cancer-relevant biomarkers to cancer carcinogenesis, particularly their role in obesity and weight gain.
E-mail: sjung@sonnet.ucla.edu

Paul Macey, PhD
Assistant Professor In-Residence, Associate Dean for Information Technology and Innovations, Chief Innovation Officer
Research: The brain in people with sleep disordered breathing. The neural regulation of body functions such breathing and cardiovascular control, and of psychological factors such as depression and anxiety are affected in people with obstructive sleep apnea. Uses brain MRI scanning to look at brain structure and function, and relate brain changes to performance on physiologic tests of blood pressure and breathing, as well as measurements of mood and cognitive capacity. As well as adults with obstructive sleep apnea, looking at similar questions in heart failure, and in the pediatric condition of congenital central hypoventilation syndrome. Regularly collaborates with faculty outside UCLA on a variety of brain imaging projects.
Clinical: Biomedical engineering
E-mail: pmacey@ucla.edu

Sally Maliski, PhD, RN, FAAN
Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Research: Symptom experience and management among minority and high-risk populations of men with prostate cancer and their partners.  Developing and testing patient-driven intervention to minimize elevated cardiovascular risk associated with androgen deprivation therapy for treatment of prostate cancer and family focused intervention for communicating about prostate cancer to first degree relatives among Latinos.  Primarily qualitative methods (grounded theory) and mixed methods designs.
Clinical: Oncology, hospice, and free clinic primary care
E-mail: smaliski@sonnet.ucla.edu

Karabi Nandy, PhD
Assistant Professor
E-mail:  knandy@sonnet.ucla.edu

Huibrie Pieters, PhD, DPhil, RN
Assistant Professor
Research: Healthcare decision making among women 70 years and above who had recently been treated for breast cancer.
Clinical: Psychiatric mental health nursing; hospice, oncology
E-mail: hpieters@sonnet.ucla.edu

Wendie Robbins, PhD, RN, FAAN
Research: Biomarkers, reproductive toxicology; male reproductive health, occupational, environmental and reproductive epidemiology.
E-mail: wrobbins@sonnet.ucla.edu

Linda Sarna, PhD, FAAN, AOCN 
Professor and Lulu Wolf-Hassenplug Endowed Chair in Nursing
Research: Her current work involves testing distance learning methods directed at nurses to expand capacity to treat tobacco dependence. She has current projects focused on nurses and tobacco control in the Czech Republic and Poland, on behalf or the International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care, and in the U.S. (Kentucky and Louisianna). She is the lead author on a monograph that will be published by the World Health Organization on the nurses' role in reducing non-communicable diseases (cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and respiratory diseases). She also has conducted secondary analysis of smoking among healthcare providers using the Current Population Surveys. Prior work has focused on symptom recovery after lung cancer surgery and quality of life, and the impact of tobacco use on patients with cancer. She is part of work groups at the National Cancer Institute and the Joint Commission regarding documentation of clinical interventions for tobacco dependenceIn 2012-2013, she was the Chair of the Academic Senate at UCLA.
Clinical: Oncology nursing, tobacco control and nurses
E-mail: lsarna@sonnet.ucla.edu

Sophie Sokolow, PhD, Mpharm
Assistant Professor
Research: Molecular pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease with a special emphasis on calcium signaling pathways. Other research projects focus on the identification of new biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease and the role of pharmacogenomics in Alzheimer's disease progression and response to pharmacotherapy
Clinical: Pharmacist, pharmacovigilance and pharmacosurveillance.
E-mail: ssokolow@sonnet.ucla.edu

Elizabeth Anne Thomas, PhD, RN, ANP-BC, COHN-S, CNL
Assistant Professor
Research: Dr. Thomas's research focuses on type 2 diabetes in older working adults. She has conducted grounded-theory qualitative studies on diabetes self-management at work and quantitative work on type 2 diabetes, hearing loss and work-related exposures (noise and chemicals) in older Mexican Americans. Current studies include an extension of grounded-theory qualitative studies on diabetes self-management at work and a quantitative study of self-efficacy for diabetes self-management, self-management behaviors, and work productivity in older adults.
E-mail: ethomas@sonnet.ucla.edu

Dorothy Wiley, PhD, RN, FAAN 
Associate Professor
Research: Research interests relate to HPV infection across the lifespan: in children (juvenile laryngeal papillomatosis), adolescents and young adults (HPV infections, genital warts) and middle- to older-adults (cancers and dysplasias).  These topics include sexual health, sexuality and sexually transmitted infections.  Vaccine prevention strategies and uptake of vaccine campaigns in the community are key interests.  Research also characterizes the intersection of HPV and HIV infections, including high-risk and population surveillance for cervical, oropharyngeal and anal cancer and screening activities.  The Wiley group evaluates risk factors for HPV-disease progression; especially related to HIV in human populations Dr. Wiley uses epidemiological methods to identify health- and disease- patterns in human populations.
Clinical: Adolescent females and adult women, adult men, community/public health prevention strategies, vulnerable populations.
E-mail: dwiley@ucla.edu

Mary Woo, PhD, RN, FAAN
Research: Brain-heart interactions and their impact on sudden death and cognition, with an emphasis on heart failure and sleep apnea. Research methods include brain magnetic resonance imaging, sleep studies (overnight polysomnography), heart rate variability, autonomic testing, and cognitive evaluation.
Clinical: Critical care
E-mail: mwoo@sonnet.ucla.edu

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