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Ethical Conduct of Research

The ethical conduct of research encompasses much more than the important procedures associated with obtaining Institutional Review Board approval and informed consent from subjects.  Ethical research requires thoughtful attention to the integrity of the research process from the initiation of the study through reporting results.

In addition to ensuring the autonomy and voluntary participation of subjects and prevention of harm, ethical research must be competently designed and conducted, the participation of all members of the team acknowledged, and the data reported honestly and fairly.

In some circumstances, the ethical decision is not immediately clear. On this page we have provided links to a wide range of resources to provide guidance to researchers.


UCLA Office of the Human Research Protection Program 

UCLA OHRPP Policies and Guidance 

webIRB Home

CITI Training


Human Subjects

NIH Regulations, Policies, & Guidance

NIH Policy for Data and Safety Monitoring

NINR Guidelines and Decision Trees


Animal Subjects

Office of Animal Research Oversight


Research Studies Involving UCLA Health System Nurses

Nursing Research Policy 206 (PDF)

Appendix A Research Submission Proposal and Checklist (PDF)

This is a reminder of the requirements for review, approval, and dissemination of ALL research studies involving nurses in the UCLA Health System, whether the nurses are serving as investigators, subjects, care-givers, or data collectors.

If you as a faculty member or your student are considering conducting a study at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center or Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center & Orthopaedic Hospital, please read these documents (Nursing Research Policy 206 and Appendix A) carefully sooner rather than later. The Nursing Practice Research Council must review the proposal before any data is collected. The Nursing Practice Research Council review is in addition to the approval required from the Office of Human Research Protection Program, which is the institutional review board for the UCLA Health System.

Research activities and projects initiated by nursing staff or co-initiated with an individual from another discipline must be reviewed and approved prior to data collection.

These documents outline the review, approval, and dissemination process for research submission requests that involve nurses in these roles.  Appendix A should be completed and submitted with any research proposal seeking to be conducted at the UCLA Health System involving nurses or patient care areas. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Anna Gawlinski, RN, PhD, FAAN, the Director of Research and Evidence-Based Practice at the UCLA Health System.

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