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Accolades & Awards

2014 Daisy Foundation Awards

This is the second year we have presented the Daisy Award to esteemed faculty, a practice we expect to become a lasting tradition and an integral part of the UCLA School of Nursing's culture.

The faculty honored were selected by their respective student cohorts, fellow faculty, staff, and alums, as those who best embody the following characteristics:

  • Excellence in teaching
  • Demonstrates care and compassion with students
  • Provides an environment where students can freely express opinions in a respectful manner
  • Is fair and unbiased in his/her treatment of individual students
  • Collaborates effectively with the healthcare team to facilitate student learning in the patient care environment

Lecturer Barbara Demman, was chosen to receive the DAISY Award for the Bachelor's student cohort.

"Here are just a few of the things said about Barbara:

"She is exceptionally intelligent, compassionate, and caring. She is a brilliant teacher and student/patient advocate. Overall, she makes learning fun and stimulating, and she makes us excited about our futures in nursing."

"Barbara Demman is a shining example and motivational force because she truly lives what she believes... that you empower yourself when you empower someone else."

"If I become even one-quarter of the nurse she is I will be happy. I think I have a girl crush!"

"To put it simply, if the UCLA School of Nursing cares about its students, they will allow Barbara Demman to teach for as long as she can. She is truly the best instructor at this institution and no one rivals her in ability to connect and teach."



Lecturer Cathy Gabster was chosen to receive the DAISY Award for the MECN student cohort.

Here are just a few of the things said about Cathy:

"Her enthusiasm is quite contagious and leaves me eager to branch out and learn more. In essence, she is a vivacious, spirited teacher that has power through articulate speech, humor, and an apparent love for humanity that bleeds through as she lectures. She mesmerizes the audience, capturing our attention, compelling us to her flame of knowledge. Her sweet demeanor, witty remarks, and Socratic teaching methods make it easy to approach her, providing a sense of comfort to ask questions, voice a constructive criticism, or nervously share our fears and angst regarding the program. In a few words, she is AWESOME! GO GABSTER!"





Dr. Anna Gawlinki, Adjunct Professor, was chosen to receive the DAISY Award for the MSN student cohort.

Here are just a few of the things said about Anna:

"She is the one professor that made this program worth it. She is the most diplomatic person I've ever met. Honorable, wise, calm, caring and an unbelievable professor. I wish I could be half the woman she is."

"Anna is one of many adaptable, fun-loving, hard-working professors at UCLA. She is wonderful, kind, supportive, and makes the lessons fun, which makes us try harder. Anna makes me feel important and successful at school. Lastly, she is very considerate and connected with her students. She makes learning wonderful and entertaining for us all. Thank you Anna! I appreciate all of your hard work!"



Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Sally Maliski, was chosen to receive the DAISY Award for the PhD student cohort.

Here are just a few of the things said about Sally:

"Sally, in spite of the demands of her current administrative position, demonstrates concern, commitment, and compassion for men suffering from cancer and at risk for a variety of issues. She shares her concern, not only with the men and their families, but with all the students as she introduces them to the important work they may be led to do."

"Dr. Maliski is an innovative educator who supports and challenges students to develop their scholarship and program of research. Her role as my faculty advisor and N205B instructor has been difficult, but also extremely fulfilling. She is knowledgeable in her skills as a researcher and serves as example to students as a successful career in both qualitative and quantitative research."


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