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Research Publications

American Indian Male College Students Perception and Knowledge of Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

Hodge FS

The authors explored American Indian male college students’ HPV attitudes, perceptions and knowledge of HPV prevention and transmission. Eight focus groups with male and female students ages 19-26 were conducted at four Southwest universities. Audio recordings were transcribed and analyzed using Grounded Theory methods. American Indian males reported little or no responsibility for HPV prevention and transmission (p=0.048) and held poor personal risk perception (p=0.0001). Male students also had low levels of HPV knowledge (p=0.003) and lenient attitudes, indicating an overall disregard for safer sexual practices. Misinformation regarding HPV vaccination played a significant part in their lack of intention to modify sexual behaviors. Cultural barriers to obtaining HPV information and sources of HPV education were identified, as was preference for receiving HPV information. We recommend school-based culturally sensitive HPV prevention programs that focus on improving responsible safer sexual practices by educating students in activities to reduce cancer and STI disease burden. Emphasis on preventing genital warts, other STIs, as well as HPV-related cancers found in males and females may increase acceptability and responsibility of HPV prevention measures among male American Indian students.

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