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Faculty Directory

Dorothy Wiley, Ph.D., R.N., F.A.A.N.
Associate Professor

Location: 5-151 Factor Building
Phone: (310) 825-0803
Fax: (310) 206-3241
E-mail: dwiley@ucla.edu

Faculty Research and Clinical Expertise

Research: Men's and women's health as it relates to sexuality and sexually transmitted diseases; HIV infection, including risk factors for disease progression; HPV infection, including population surveillance for cervical, oropharyngeal and anal cancer screening activities, vaccine efficacy, and molecular biomarkers and risk factors for infection. Dr. Wiley uses basic science and epidemiological methods to identify health- and disease- patterns in human populations.
Clinical: Adolescent females and adult women, adult men, community/public health prevention strategies, vulnerable populations.


N152W, N252, N171C, N171D, N596

Professional Activities

2003 - 2005 Western Institute for Nursing - Member; Membership Committee (2003-2005)
2006 - 2010 American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology - Member; Special
Populations Committee
2006 - 2010 National Research Committee Member
American Public Health Association - Member, Maternal and Child Health,
Epidemiology Sections
American Public Health Association, Member, Epidemiology Section - Member,
National Institute of Health, Fogarty International Research Collaboration Awards
(FIRCA) Program - Ad Hoc Reviewer
Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study, HPV-Related Cancers Study Steering
Subcommittee - Member.


Grossmont Community College, AS, 1977, Nursing
San Diego State University, Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences, 1978, Nursing
San Diego State University, MPH, 1983, Public Health
UCLA School of Public Health, PhD, 1995, Epidemiology

Honors and Awards

2007 Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Recognition Award for Research and
Service for Cervical Cancer Prevention in Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.
2008 San Diego County Board of Supervisors Recognition Award for Research,
Education and Service (June 4, 2008, sponsored by Vice Chairwoman Dianne
Jacob, Supervisor 2nd District)
2008 Walk of Fame Inductee. Presented for education and research contributions by
Grossmont Community College and Grossmont Community College Foundation.
2008 Recognition Award. Presented for education and research contributions by Duncan
Hunter, U.S. House of Representatives
2008 Recognition Award. Presented for education and public health advocacy
contributions by Assemblyman Joel Anderson, Assembly District 77, California
State Legislature
2008 Recognition Award. Presented for research contributions by Senator Dennis
Hollingsworth, 36th District, California State Senate


Database Articles and In Referred Journals

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