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Faculty Directory

Felicia Hodge, Dr.P.H.

Location: 5-940 Factor Building
Phone: (310) 267-2255
E-mail: fhodge@sonnet.ucla.edu

Faculty Research and Clinical Expertise

Dr. Hodge holds a joint position as Professor in the School of Nursing and the School of Public Health. Dr. Hodge has been continuously funded by the NIH since 1990 and has conducted research with American Indian groups in California, Arizona, Minnesota, and Northern Plains area. Her focus of research is on chronic health conditions, health beliefs and behaviors among American Indian/Alaska Native and Indigenous populations. Projects included: (1) examining the cultural constructs of pain and cancer related symptoms among AIAN cancer survivors; (2) developed and evaluates colorectal cancer screening materials for American Indian in California; (3) tests smoking cessation interventions; (4) and examined knowledge, attitudes and preferences for HPV vaccinations among American Indian college students. In past years she received 6 R01 research grants from the NIH to study areas of wellness, diabetes, nutrition, tobacco control and cervical cancer screening and barriers to care among AI/ANs. She has served as the Chair of the American Indian Studies (BA/MA) program, is the PI/Director of the NINR Ruth Kirschstein T32 Pre and Postdoctoral Fellowship program, and is the Director of the Center for American Indian/Indigenous Research and Education (CAIIRE). Dr. Hodge also served as the Co-Chair of the Native Research Network, Inc. a national advocacy organization of AI/AN researchers.
Clinical: American Indian health and healthcare, health behavior intervention strategies, cultural competencies, health disparities


N295A, SPH/AIS M168, C268, N299A, N200B, N299C


Sonoma State College, Cotati, CA, BA, 1974, Sociology
University of California at Berkeley, MPH, 1976, Public Health
University of California at Berkeley, DrPH, 1987, Public Health
University of California at Berkeley, Post Doctoral Fellowship, 1988, Alcohol Research Center - University of California at Berkeley

Honors and Awards

2005-2007 California Breast Cancer Research Council (CBCRC) University of California UCOP
2005 Founding Board Member, Native American Community Clinic, Minneapolis, MN. (2005)
2005 Recognition Award for founding member of the Native Research Network, Inc. (2005).
2005-2009 Member, National Advisory Council for Nursing Research, NINR, National Institutes of Health
2006 Distinguished Guest Faculty of the 3rd Annual Spit Tobacco Summit, Mayo Clinic, MN
2007 - 2010 Appointed to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Cancer Advisory Council CARRA (Consumer Advocates in Research and Related Activities)
2008 Featured in Magazine, ADVANCE for Nurses Magazine
2010 Member, AHRQ Expert Group member on 'Women's Health and Gender-Sensitive Research"
2013-2015 Co-Chair, Native Research Network, Inc. (NRN) (a national advocacy group of AI/AN/NH and other indigenous groups seeking to insure integrity in research).


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