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Faculty Directory

Linda Sarna, PhD, RN, FAAN, AOCN
Interim Dean;
Professor and Lulu Wolf-Hassenplug Endowed Chair in Nursing

Location: 4-262 Factor Building
Phone: (310) 825-8690
Fax: (310) 794-7482
E-mail: lsarna@sonnet.ucla.edu

Faculty Research and Clinical Expertise

Research: Dr. Linda Sarna is internationally recognized for her work with promoting nursing involvement in tobacco control and in oncology nursing research focused on quality of life and symptoms of patients with lung cancer. As the Principal Investigator for the Tobacco Free Nurses (TFN) initiative, funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, she initiated first national program to help nurses quit smoking and to promote the role of nurses in tobacco control --  inaugurating the award-winning TFN website (www.tobaccofreenurses.org). She was the lead investigator on an analysis of 27-year smoking trends of participants in the Nurses' Health Study and led a team of investigators in the examination of national smoking trends among health care professions. And she is leading a R18 translational research project to increase nursing interventions to treat tobacco dependence among hospitalized patients in 3 states using a web-based educational program and resources. Dr Sarna has collaborated with national and international nursing organizations on policies related to nurses and tobacco control. Her research is expanding into tobacco control educational programs for nurses in China and in the Czech Republic.

Clinical expertise: Oncology nursing, Tobacco control and nurses


N200, Biobehavioral Theoretical Foundations of Health Assessment (F10), N260 Secondary Prevention (W11)


University of California, Los Angeles, BSN, 1969, Nursing
University of California, Los Angeles, MSN, 1976, Oncology Nursing
University of California, San Francisco, DNSc, 1989, Oncology Nursing

Honors and Awards

1992-1996 Selected as American Cancer Society Professor of Oncology Nursing
1994 Elected Fellow, American Academy of Nursing
2004  Distinguished Merit Award for Services to Cancer Nursing: International Society for Nurses in Cancer Care
2005 Media Award for Tobacco Free Nurses, American Academy of Nurses
2005 Tobacco Free Nurses selected as an exemplar by the World Health Organization in the monograph "The role of health professionals in tobacco control",
2006 Oncology Nursing Society Publishing, "Excellence in Scholarship and Consistency of Contributions to the Oncology Nursing Literature" Award,
2006 Awarded the Oncology Nursing Society Publishing Award, Best "Quality of Life " paper
2009 Selected as the Oncology Nursing Society's Distinguished Researcher
2009 Helen Nahm Research Lecture Award, University of California, San Francisco
2009 Appointed as the Lulu Wolf Hassenplug Endowed Chair in Nursing.
2009  Awarded the NurseWeek Excellence Award: Advancing and Leading the Profession
2009 One of 60 outstanding Alumnae selected by the University of California, Los Angeles
2010 Clara Arndt Visiting Scholar, University of California, Los Angeles, School of Nursing
2010-2013 Appointed as Visiting Professor by the Anhui Medical University in China Hefei,Anhui Province, China

Selected Publications since 2000 (from over 150)

Sarna L, Bialous S, Ong M, Wells M, Kotlerman J. (2012). Nurses' treatment of tobacco dependence in hospitalized smokers in three states. Research in Nursing & Health, 35, 250-64.

Sarna L, Bialous SA, Nandy K, Yang Q. (2012). Are quit attempts among U.S. female nurses who smoke different from female smokers in the general population? An analysis of the 2006/2007 tobacco use supplement to the current population survey. BMC Womens Health, 12:4.

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