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Faculty Directory

Adeline Nyamathi, PhD, ANP, FAAN

Associate Dean for International Research and Scholarly Activities, Associate Dean for Research, Distinguished Professor

Location: 2-250 Factor Building
Phone: (310) 825-8405
Fax: (310) 206-7433
E-mail: Anyamath@sonnet.ucla.edu

Faculty Research and Clinical Expertise

Research: Coping and adjustments to illness, health promotion and risk reduction with vulnerable homeless and drug-addicted adults and adolescents at risk for HIV/AIDS, TB, HBV and HCV. Dr Nyamathi has led an impressive team of multidisciplinary investigators as Principal Investigator (PI) of nine NIH-funded RO1s, as well as a number of other NIH grants, funded by NIDA, NIAAA, NICHD and NIAID over the past 26 years related to HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, TB and other infectious diseases. Her numerous research activities in India relate to coping and adjustment to chronic illnesses, such as HIV/AIDS and TB. Dr Nyamathi is also Co-Director of the NIDA-funded Ruth Kirschstein T-32 Pre-Post Doctoral Fellowship and the HRSA Vulnerable Populations Training grant. Dr Nyamathi travels abroad extensively in her academic position and is also PI on additional studies based in India. She actively teaches in the doctoral program and is a certified nurse practitioner.
Clinical Expertise: Community Health



Professional Activities

2004 - 2008 Member and Vice Chair, California AIDS Research Program Chair
2006 - 2010 Editorial Board Member, Progress in Community health Partnerships
2008 - 2009 Chair, California AIDS Research Program Chair
2008 UCOP Global Planning Committee Attendee


1973 Hunter College Bellevue School of Nursing, BSN, Nursing
1978 State University New York at Stony Brook, MSN, Nursing
1983 Case Western Reserve University, PhD, Nursing

Honors and Awards

1992 Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing
1994 Distinguished UCLA Wellness Lecturer, University Series 2003 Adrienne H. Moseley Endowed Chair in Community Health Research
2005 Fellow in the Western Academy of Nursing,
2011 Davis Sams Visiting Scholar, University of Indiana
2011 Distinguished Alumni Award, State University New York at Stony Brook
2013 Distinguished Alumna Award, Case Western Reserve University


(Selected among 175 journal publications)

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