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Faculty Directory


Courtney H. Lyder, ND, ScD(Hon), FAAN


Sally Maliski
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Bryant Ng
Associate Dean of Administration
Adeline Nyamathi

Distinguished Professor and Associate Dean for International

Research and Scholarly Activities

Ann B. Williams
Associate Dean for Research
Paul M. Macey
Associate Dean for Information Technology and Innovations
Suzette Cardin
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Lynn V. Doering
Section Chair, Translational Sciences
Deborah Koniak-Griffin
Section Chair, Health Promotion Sciences
Barbara Bates-Jensen
Chair of the Faculty Executive Committee
Linda R. Phillips
Section Chair, Acute and Chronic Health Sciences


Professors Emeriti

Associate Professors

Assistant Professors


Adjunct Professors

Adjunct Associate Professors

Adjunct Assistant Professors

Associate Researchers

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