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The Global Team

Adeline (Adey) Nyamathi, ANP, PhD, FAAN

Dr. Adey Nyamathi is the  first associate dean for international research and scholarly activities.

She currently holds the Audrienne H. Moseley Endowed Chair in Community Health Research at the UCLA School of Nursing.

Dr. Nyamathi received her Masters of Science in Nursing and Adult Nurse Practitioner training at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and her doctorate in Nursing from Case Western Reserve University.   She was first appointed to the UCLA School of Nursing as an Assistant Professor in 1984. 

Dr Nyamathi has led an impressive team of multidisciplinary investigators as Principal Investigator (PI) of eight NIH-funded RO1s, as well as a number of other NIH grants, funded by NIDA, NIAAA, NICHD and NIAID over the past 25 years.  Her research has been focused on providing culturally-sensitive intervention programs to homeless and drug-addicted populations at risk for HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis A, B and C infections. Dr Nyamathi is also Director of the NIDA-funded Ruth Kirschstein T-32 Pre-Post Doctoral Fellowship and the HRSA Vulnerable Populations Training grant.

Dr Nyamathi travels abroad extensively in her academic position and is also PI on additional studies based in India.

Dr. Nyamathi has been a  leader in the Fogarty AIDS International training and Research Program at UCLA  serving as mentor for scholars from India and Africa.  Dr. Nyamathi has disseminated more than 140 published works nationally and internationally.  She has received numerous honors and awards including Fellowship in the American Academy of Nursing and the Western Academy of Nursing; the Sigma Theta Tau Gamma tau Excellence in Research Award, the Sigma Theta Tau Distinguished Lecturer, the Philip Y. Hahn Lecturer, University of San Diego and the Distinguished UCLA Wellness Lecturer Award.

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